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The galleries from the old site have now been moved over and arranged in a better way than they were on the old site. For the moment we are only displaying the pictures that were on the old Hover-Gen website. As time permits, I will be scanning in more of my archive of photographs and in due course they will be added here.

Similarly, at some point soon we will be appealing to you all for extra photographs – particularly of less well represented types of craft – and in due course any suitable images submitted will be added to the galleries, copyrighted appropriately. Watch this space!

The gallery names listed below are now clickable; this page may be regarded as the index page for all photographs on Hover-Gen.

Because of the huge volume of SRN-4 images compared to the other types, the SRN-4 section is presented in a series of sub-galleries, arranged in date order but with the final day of service on top. Thus as you work through the galleries, you will be delving deeper and deeper into the memories…

The “other hovercraft” gallery is likely to be flexible and used as a “holding gallery”; once enough pictures are available of any given type of hovercraft then that type is likely to be given a dedicated gallery page.

At present, the photographs are in large thumbnail format only; work is in progress to make them clickable for viewing in a larger size; please bear with us – it should not be a long wait before this is completed.

SRN-4 ( contains sub-galleries )


Griffon 8000

Other hovercraft

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