We’re Back!

Welcome to the new look Hover-Gen site!

We are currently working on some great new content for you, in the meantime keep checking back regularly to see how we are getting on.

The ultimate aim is to make Hover-Gen a one stop shop for anything to do with hovercraft; apart from the information and pictures that will be available directly on this site, the number of links will be expanded so that you should eventually never be more than one click away from anything of relevance.

What is the current status of this effort?

So far we have moved all the links over and added one or two new ones; you are correct in thinking there are at present fewer links than there were on the old site.  This is because some of the links on the old site were out of date and no longer led anywhere, others had been merged so only one new link was required for them and in one case, Norfolk Line has purchased the former Hoverspeed domain name and goodwill; they are also offering former Hoverspeed passengers special deals and therefore have been put into the links as a special case.  A brief history on their website even mentions the hovercraft.

The page relating to the NGH project has now been updated with a lot of detail on the project ( but still needs a summary added – this will be done shortly ).

A “hovercraft and the environment” page has been added and detailed; a couple more bits will be put in there shortly.

Work has been taking place on the photograph galleries and these are now active.  Initially they will only contain the pictures that were on the old site, but before long there will be a great deal of expansion…  For more details, see the text on the galleries page.