Group Rules

This is a free newsgroup aimed at anything relating to both commercial and the small “fun sized” hovercraft anywhere in the world. Details of things like what craft are in use where and who with or of new and proposed services or types of craft are all welcome. Any member may post to the group. The idea behind this group is to enable news about operations and developments to be spread quickly and easily. In the long term, this should benefit the whole hovercraft industry by raising awareness of the current situation worldwide. Both businesses and enthusiasts are welcome to make use of the service.

Rules: A few basic common sense rules apply to the group:-

1 : No bad language is allowed. This is a public group.

2 : No insulting other members of the group.

3 : News relating to amateur / homebuilt hovercraft is not relevant to the group.

4 : Please post only facts when reporting matters like accidents. No speculation.

5 : Questions and discussion are welcomed.

One further point worth mentioning is that companies should not post commercially sensitive information to the group address; it will immediately be sent to all the members. Such material should only be sent directly to the intended recipient.

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